Snoring at night and sleepiness during the day - a reason to immediately contact a competent doctor

Do you snore? Do you fall asleep by the TV in the evening and no longer feel awake and rested in the morning? This is serious! Snoring can be a symptom of a dangerous disease – obstructive apnea syndrome or sleep apnea disease.

Left untreated sleep apnea:

  • Increases the risk of heart attack and stroke;
  • can cause severe hypertension and dangerous cardiac arrhythmias;
  • can lead to mental impairment and cause impotence;
  • Sleep apnea sufferers not only feel unwell during the day, but also are more often involved in serious traffic accidents due to the drowsiness caused by the disease.

So how do you cure snoring and apnea? Your algorithm for action is simple:

  • Contact a specialist-somnologist;
  • Undergo a special examination, which will establish a definitive diagnosis;
  • Choose an adequate treatment.

Possible Solutions

Sleep physicians specialize in treating various sleep disorders: insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and sleep disorders in children.

Healthy Sleep

Diagnostics is carried out at night
Diagnostics of sleep apnea and other breathing disorders is performed at night. You will sleep overnight at the clinic, in a comfortable single room. The next morning you will be diagnosed and recommended the best treatment for snoring and apnea.

Flexible work schedule
For your convenience, we have established a flexible schedule for consultations – we will always find a convenient time for your visit to the doctor. The follow-up examination and treatment plan also always takes into account your wishes. Just give us a call.